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Guest Lecture titled: “Hospitality (emotion): a Story that you feel too easily and forget too hard”, by Mrs. Alexia Charoupa, Creator of The Storytelling Hotel

On Wednesday the 30th of November  2016, Mrs. Alexia Xaroupa, Creator of The Storytelling Hotel and Guest Relations Manager at Rocabella Santorini Suites & Spa, visited the BCA Athens Campus as part of the guest lecturers programme and gave an informative lecture titled: «Hospitality (emotion): a Story that you feel easily and forget with difficulty.»

After the talk was finished Mrs. Xaroupa wrote:

“On Wednesday the 30/11 I had the pleasure of talking to BCA’s talented students, about “The Storytelling Hotel” and the impact of personalized experiences in the hospitality industry. As I explained through case studies and personal experience, each hospitality provider must create a narrative for their audience in order to gain and maintain its attention.

We also talked about the “Storytelling Hotel” and the premises by which emotionally impactful experiences are created: Innovation, Signature Stories, Memories, Emotional Connection, Locality, Service Innovation and Personalization.

Within the progressively growing competition, hoteliers must allocate their resources and services in a way that will "engage" the guest in a special, personalized innovation and thus forge close emotional ties.

A key tool used during our journey throughout this presentation was Harvard’s experience economy, which I presented to students and explained it’s application in hospitality.

Moreover we talked about guests that place more importance on “how special something makes them feel” rather than "how much it costs"; and on how we can respond to special customer requests, as well as the importance of personalized customer interaction in the creation of a unique experience which the guest will remember forever.

At that juncture, we emphasized the important   role of “empathy” and “magnetic connections”, elements which assist in making guests feel special as they enable the emotional and symbolic connection with the brand.  Guests are currently seeking relationships and emotional connections, which are how they distinguish the “good” from the “exceptional” experience.

Through the stories I had the pleasure of narrating, we concluded that people want things that are created especially for them and for which they in turn can tell others about. We then outlined how hotel organizations can meet customer’s high expectations. But the most important thing of all, is that in hospitality what matters is that (you do what) you love.

The perfect epilogue to the event came through an article and video by Dr. A. Giannopoulos who in “the voyager voice”, promoted Québec as a summer destination through a campaign full of sentiment, which is the alpha and omega in hospitality.

Finally, the meeting ended with a great challenge, in which students were asked to state their first thought on what makes tourism management stand out. Each opinion will be published with the name of each student, in the column I maintain in the International Hospitality Net site, the articles of which are distributed and utilized by all major global tourism affiliations and hotels like  "International Association of Hotel General Managers" and "Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association international (HSMAI)".