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Academic Talk by Mr. Panagiotis Hatzidakis, Co – founder του bubbllz app

During the "Meet the Founders” events, organized by BCA and Found.ation, distinguished founders/ CEOs from Greece and abroad, share their secrets and experiences. On Wednesday, the 7th of December 2016, Mr. Panagiotis Hatzidakis, Co - founder of the start-up bubbllz,  visited the BCA Athens Campus and shared his experience as a start-upper and as co-founder of a company with the audience.

During his speech, Mr Hatzidakis mentioned the difficulties associated with the creation and funding of a startup both in Greece and abroad.
He stressed that the road to success is long and includes several obstacles. He advised participants however to persist in their efforts even in auspicious times and urged them to learn from their mistakes, because the knowledge gained will guide them down the right path.