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Guest Lecturer: Eleni Serafetinidou, Account Director – pH7 Advertising Agency

On Wednesday the 16th of November 2016, Ms. Serafetinidou, Account Director at pH7 Advertising Agency, visited the BCA Athens Campus as part of the guest lecturers programme and gave an informative lecture titled: «RUN, event, RUN! Learning from Adidas case study».

During the lecture Mrs. Serafetinidou, talked about sports event management, and more specifically about the importance of the five (5) W’s (WHY is an event held? WHO will be the stakeholders? WHEN will the event be held? WHERE will the event be staged? and WHAT is the event content or product?) whilst describing actual examples of good and bad practices.

Additionally, she distinctly described the various phases of the event process from the establishment of an event vision, the development of the events goals, the situation analysis, the identification of the various strategic options, the evaluation and selection of the most appropriate strategy; to the development of the different operational plans, the implementation of the control systems, and finally the event’s evaluation and feedback.