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Academic Talk titled “Trends – Challenges and impacts of on line Travel Markets and Distribution Channels”, by Mr. Markos Giannisopoulos, Area Manager, Μarket Management Greece, Expedia Lodging Partner Services Group

On Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015, Mr. Markos Giannisopoulos, Area manager, market management Greece, of Expedia Lodging Partner Services Group, spoke to students of BCA’s Hospitality department.

The keynote speaker initially mentioned the status of the online tourism market and the rapid growth it has experienced in recent years. He then referred to the estimated increase which the On Line Travel Markets will experience in the near future. Mr. Giannisopoulos also referred to consumer behavior which directly affects the way in which the company approaches its audience and conducts business as well as the trends and challenges governing the On Line Travel Market.