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BCA’s Logistics Students visit the Fourlis Group Trade Logistics warehouse

On Tuesday the 8th of March, students attending the BA Business Logistics programme accompanied by their professor Mr. E Rodopoulos visited the Fourlis Group Trade Logistics Warehouse; where Mr. Orestis Euthumiou the Company’s Director of Automation and his colleagues informed them on how the central distribution systems operate. The attending students, where then given a tour of the Trade Logistics Fourlis Group warehouse.

During the tour the students were able to appreciate the fully automated and model warehouse and distribution center used for IKEA Hellas and Intersport (members of the Fourlis Group); which employ approximately 125 staff members.

Ιt is worth noting that in most of the warehouse, the forklifts are completely automated and move through an inductive current communication system. The distribution of the products on the shelves and the quality control of packaging are also completed through automated sensor systems which operate on the current Warehouse Management System (WMS). Given the impact of the recession on the countries it distributes products to (Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria), the company has changed its strategic orientation and converted part of the warehouse to an automated management system of fast moving consumer goods.