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Nikos Mariolis, HR Manager of the Giannidis Group-Vitex -Hermes

On Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 Mr. Nikos Mariolis HR Manager of the Giannidis Group-Vitex -Hermes, spoke about “Performance Management” to students of the BSc in Business Administration program. The key note speaker stressed that a company’s workforce is one of its most important "weapons". As a result the correct selection and evaluation process of the employees are inextricably linked with a company’s success. Mr. Mariolis talked about “Performance Management” as the activities, tools, procedures and programs that are used or created by companies to evaluate the performance of employees, teams and departments, gave examples of employee evaluation processes and stressed that the success of the performance evaluation process lays in two-way communication.  Concluding his speech, he advised participants to personally evaluate not only their professional but their personal lives as well, with the aim of improving weaknesses and enhancing their strengths in all aspects of their life.