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Seminar by Mr. Thales Koutoupis, Communications Consultant

On Wednesday, March 26th , 2014, the seminar entitled "Corporate communication” was successfully completed. The seminar which was focused on the subjects of public relations, sponsorships and corporate social responsibility, was conducted by Mr. Thalis Koutoupis.  Mr. Thalis  Koutoupis was born in Athens in 1941. He studied Political-Economic Sciences and Law at the University of Athens. He began his career in journalism, which he deserted during the dictatorship. He worked as chief editor and editor in newspapers and magazines in Athens (1958-1967 & 1974-1981).He continued his career in Advertising and Public Relations, specializing in corporate and political communication and sponsorship, fields in which he is considered a pioneer. Since 1998, he comments on the communicational, political and social news at the Daily Reporter and Marketing Week. Since 1971, he teaches Public Relations and Advertising in state and private schools. Hundreds of his articles have been published in the media,  which often invite him to talk on subjects such as communication policy, public relations, advertising and sponsorship.