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BCA’s Hospitality & Tourism Management Department visit to NJV Athens Plaza hotel

On Wednesday the 10th of April 2013, BCA and BCA’s Hospitality & Tourism Management Department had the opportunity to visit the NJV Athens Plaza Hotel.
The hospitality department was welcomed by Mr K. Yianakoura HRM, and Mr. K. Papazoglou F & B Manager who in co-operation with other partners of the hotel such as Front office Manager K. Dolapsis, gave a short presentation in a specially designed area about the hotel’s history and dynamic presence in the Greek market.
Then the students were given a tour of the various hotel departments such as (rooms division seeing various rooms and their function, and the role of Housekeeping dept-all nutritional value, Restaurants - Catering - Coffee bar stores - department events and individual sections)
At the end of the tour Mr. K Yianakoura, HRM. and Mr. K. Papazoglou answered students questions i.e about the hotels operation. Some students also had the opportunity to talk to other departmental managers and go through a mini interview whilst another portion of the students will fulfill their compulsory internship at this hotel.