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International Dry Cargo Ship-owners Association (INTERCARGO)

The main role of INTERCARGO (International Dry Cargo Ship-owners Association), is to work with its members, regulators and other shipping associations to ensure and promote safe, efficient, environmental friendly and profitable shipping operations. To achieve this goal, it cooperates among others with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in formulating global legislation and regulations.

BCA is a “Reciprocal Member ", of INTERCARGO, a membership which gives its student body and academic staff benefits including access to data, market and industry bulletins and alerts, exclusive invitations to industry conferences, seminars, discounts on publications and others.

A benefit of special interest is that BCA students and academic staff are able to utilise INTERCARGO’s extensive network of contacts for study & research, and to access other organisations such as Baltic Exchange and IMO among others.

It should be noted that BCA is the first educational Institution worldwide to enjoy “Reciprocal Member” status.