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Assotiation of Greek Tourist Enterprises (SETE)

BCA has been a regular member of SETE since 1995. Our participation in one of the most recognized and credible tourism organizations gives us the ability to monitor the changes and trends of the Greek but also the international tourism industry, resulting in our adaptation and planning of our educational strategy based on the current needs and changes of businesses and the industry.

Furthermore BCA and SETE in recent years have developed an active collaboration and communication that is associated with recommendations and interventions in the educational and teaching method of executives of the Hotel and Tourism industry, always keeping in mind the improvement of the productivity of both the businesses as well as the industry in general. The purpose of SETE is the continuous qualitative upgrading and strengthening of the competitiveness of the Hellenic Tourism Industry.

SETE was established in 1991. It represents tourist businesses associations and businesspeople that cover the entire range of tourist activities. SETE is a non-government, non-profit organization. SETE envisions a balanced tourism development, which aims in the improvement of performance, with a simultaneous increase in the number of arrivals and stays, with a better distribution of tourist supply in all areas of the country, and with a better time distribution of demand. All of these are realized within the scope of protecting the natural environment as well as in a framework of respect and presentation of our civilization. 

SETE is the agency which:

  • Demonstrates the financial, social and environment significance of Tourism to the Government, the local administration, and the public and private agencies
  • Promotes research and education to businesses and organizations
  • Informs the Government, the greater public sector and the business community on the developments in the international tourist market
  • Promotes the collaboration of the public and the private sectors
  • Supports and promotes the business principles of its Members
  • Represents its Members in National and international organizations
  • Creates collaborations between the separate sectors of Tourism and between Tourism and other sectors of the economy
  • Cares for the creation and dissemination of technical know-how on matters of Tourism
  • Cooperates with Greek and international research centers on Tourism and the economy