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Crowne Plaza / InterContinental Hotels Group Industry Network

BCA’s ongoing goal is to continue developing academic programs of high quality that effectively approach and analyze the labour market. Following this strategy, BCA has come to an exclusive agreement with the new 5-star Crowne Plaza Hotel (part of the Inter-Continental Group) . A few metres away from BCA’s Athens campus, students have a unique opportunity to receive an excellent educational experience as part of the BA Hon’s International Hospitality Programme.

The Educational Process is based in the idea of Shadowing Training under which students observe on a weekly, 5 hour basis, operational procedures that take place in the hotel in its various departments such as: Food & Beverage – Conference and Conventions, Front Office – Housekeeping. Students shall also be able to participate, when possible, in the above procedures put the classroom theory into practice.

The basic goal of this collaboration is for students to acquire a high level of quality experience, and to develop the practical skills required in a real time setting. The new Crowne Plaza Hotel is the ideal environment for such an attempt.