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New City Campus

Our college, from the new academic year, is going through a new era. It is not however, our philosophy, our vision, the content and the nature of your studies that are about to change. BCA will continue to reinforce labor market connections, to invest in technology, to recruit highly qualified instructors, to offer small classes and provide personal and academic support to all of you. What will actually change is the site in order to upgrade your daily learning experience and your college life. BCA has acquired a state-of-the-art building, to which all the departments and activities will be transferred. It is an architectural jewel in Ambelokipi, of 4,100 square meters, designed by Alexandros Tombazis and reconstruction by Thanasis Chochlidakis. The renovation works have already started and in September we will welcome you to our new sophisticated premises.

Let’s have a look now at the advantages of such a change:

  • Easy access. The building, situated on Alexandras Avenue, between Kifissias and Panormou, is out of the inner circle (daktylios) and offers parking spaces. For those who use public transportation, it is next to the Ampelokipi Metro Station and between two bus stops which serve dozens of bus and trolleybus lines connecting the northern with the southern suburbs as well as the eastern with the western Attica.
  • A single community. Students of all departments are finally together, so they can   collaborate, exchange experiences and participate in joint activities. The academic family of BCA, including instructors, students and administrators, will all share the same roof.
  • Educational innovations. In the large areas of the new campus we have created pioneering "study tools". For example, shipping students will have the opportunity to practise operations using ship bridge and engine simulators, whereas hospitality students will be trained in an in-house hotel of high standards by utilizing its facilities, such as its gourmet restaurant, reception and rooms.
  • Cutting-edge technologies. In specialized tech corners, students will be able to experiment with state-of-the-art technologies such as 3D printers, VR sets and laser cutters, whereas through beacons installed throughout the building, they can stay tuned with real-time BCA updates via their mobile phones.
  • Spacious multi-use facilities: Modern libraries with electronic access to infinite academic data bases will provide scientific knowledge on all the fields of study offered by BCA. The huge lounge area will become the college's social hub, while the pioneering multi-purpose theater will be the center of cultural life and entertainment.

An institution that aspires to be listed among the top European academic institutions needs to be constantly modernized and upgraded. This is exactly what we do at BCA. We appreciate your trust; we value the resources that you or your family invest in your education, and we always seek to offer to young people in this country the opportunity to do high quality studies here, with the best value for money, in order to pursue a career in their home country.

The new campus will soon open its doors and a new exciting college life awaits you!