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Scholarships for Continuing BCA Students

Scholarships and Prizes for Continuing Students

Scholarships and Prizes for continuing students are awarded each year to academically talented students enrolled in BCA College. To apply, you must be taking modules toward completing a bachelor’s degree. All scholarship and prizes awards are on a merit basis. Merit scholarships and prizes are based solely on academic achievement and are listed below:


President’s Scholarships:

  • Awarded to the best graduate from each bachelor’s programme, provided that he/she gets a 1st class honours degree: Merit-only scholarship, all applicants from the final year (level 6) of every undergraduate programme with a 70%+ cumulative average mark are automatically included in the pool of candidates for committee review.
  • Award amount and term: a full scholarship, 100% tuition reduction, for a BCA postgraduate programme, subject to fulfilling admission requirements for the programme, and the programme is running.


Dean’s Prizes:

  • Awarded to the best undergraduate student at each level for every bachelor’s programme of study: Merit-only prizes, all applicants from levels 3, 4, and 5 with a 70%+ average mark at the level are automatically included in the pool of candidates for committee review.
  • The prize consists of a certificate and a recommendation letter from the Dean.


There is no need for an application for either type of merit scholarships and prizes since the procedure is automatic. The decision is made by the BCA College Scholarships Committee on the basis of the July examboard results, and is announced by 31st August every year.

For further clarifications, please write to the following e-mail address: or to Dr. Spyros Kostakis, Academic Director,