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Academics and Professionals said...

Since 2010, we have had the pleasure of hosting some of the most prominent academics, successful professionals and businessmen, amongst them many of BCA’s Alumni as key note speakers, during the yearly academic talks and seminars program. Each time, the key note speakers captivated our imagination, enlightened our intellect and shared with us their perspectives and beliefs. They inspired us to continuously strive for excellence, to dream big and aim high. Below are some of the things they have said...

Peter Economides, Brand Strategist

“There has never been a better moment in time to be Greek.” “The biggest enemy of success is defeatism and inertia.” “ The college in which you are studying is offering you all the constituents required for a successful professional life. It is up to you to utilize these to your advantage.”

During his talk at Crowne Plaza, 12/1/2012

Mr. George Drakopoulos, President and CEO of tourism generis, Special Advisor to the General Secretary of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Former General Director of Greek Tourism Confederation (S.E.T.E)

“Τhe human factor plays a major role in the development of tourism. This role has been amplified in recent years, given the existence of hospitality studies, which I believe are imperative for every individual employed in the tourism industry”

During his academic talk at BCA, 1/11/2013

Thanos Veremis, Professor-Historian

“The continuation of a nation does not depend on the blood flowing through the individual's veins but from the continuation of three basic elements of life:  religion, language and education.”

During his academic talk at BCA, 12/2/2014

Martha Mylona Chairman of S.D.A.D.E (Greek People Management Association), HR Director DDB

“The role and importance of Human Resources Management in businesses is continuously growing. As a result specialization in education is necessary.”

During her academic talk at BCA, 26/2/2014

Giorgos Papanikolaou, Former Member of the European Parliament- Mayor of Glyfada

“The European Union has many programs which support young entrepreneurs, but bureaucracy in Greece does not enable their full capitalization. Undoubtedly Business Administration studies are an asset, which young individuals can use to grasp these opportunities.”

During his academic talk at BCA, 27/2/2014

Konstantinos Pipilis, Managing Director of EVOMAT, BCA Graduate

“Despite the economic crisis, individuals should maintain their optimism, creativity and perseverance. The economy runs in cycles […] so we need to be ready to enter the market and grasp the opportunities that arise; because opportunities always exist.”

During his Academic Talk at BCA, 16/1/2015

Silas Serafim, Stand Up Comedian

“The questions the audience posed regarding bullying in the education sector, reflect the excellent level which exists amongst the students within the BCA community.”

During his Academic Talk at BCA, 19/2/2015

Nikos Vernikos, Ship-owner- President of the International Chamber of Commerce

“BCA actively proves the excellent job that it does for its shipping programs, through the employability of its shipping graduates. I personally have employed many BCA graduates and I am very satisfied with their performance.”

During his academic talk at BCA, 1/3/2015

Makis N. Fokas, Former Chairman of the Managing Committee of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Former Member of the Supreme Advisory Council of State for Tourism, Senior Consultant at BCA

“With more than 50 years’ experience in various posts within the tourism sector, I can safely state that hospitality studies are a necessity. I can testify that at BCA, apart from the theoretical and practical lessons, students obtain “touristic awareness” and learn about the power of “smiling” ; elements which are essential to all professionals employed in the tourism sector.”

During his academic talk at BCA, 3/3/2011

Takis Theocharakis Managing Director of the Theocharaki Group

“I would like to congratulate BCA’s management and all the staff on the excellent work that is being done, not only regarding the academic programs that are offered, but also regarding the seminar and academic talks program which has further enriched the academic curriculum.”

During BCA’s Academic Advisory Board Meeting, 12/5/2015

Aris Kefalogiannis, Managing Director of GAEA

“Given my experience in the exports industry I can confirm that there is a need for specialized studies in the field of marketing, which plays a major role in the promotion of products. To all students who have selected to study this program at BCA, my recommendation is that you should grasp this opportunity because later in your professional lives you will possess a strong asset which will allow you to remain competitive”.  

During his academic talk at BCA, 8/2/2012

Irene Nikolaidou, HRM & Communication Advisor , Certified Personal & Executive Coach, BCA Graduate

“At 19, BCA felt like a haven to me, a great embrace.” [….] “Later at 45 it was a secret refuge, it has always been a safe harbor full of hidden treasure, something very familiar […] It was a passport to many destinations […] a route to many opportunities.” 

During her academic talk at BCA, 18/2/2015

Vaggelis Vertopoulos, Athletes Psychological Coaching, BCA Graduate

“I ended up studying psychology after a change of course in my life .. I told myself I have to find out what I like to do and what I can do well, because you need both.”

During her academic talk at BCA, 11/5/2015

Nikolaos Kontaratos Founder of the company Happy Deals- Founder of the N.P.O and social media platform L.A.V.E you (Live A Volunteer Experience) Former BCA Student

“From a young age I have valued two notions: freedom and independence. For me freedom means to be able to work and express myself in the way I want and independence means the ability to do this without restrictions. After my studies at BCA I could do nothing else, apart from selecting the path of self-employment/ entrepreneurship.”

During her academic talk at BCA, 7/5/2015

Notis Martakis,Journalist, President of the MTC Group of Companies, former chairman of the MTC Group, Former Head of Press Office for the Greek Tourism Organization (EOT), and Former Head of Press for President of the Hellenic Republic Constantinos Karam

“They (ΒCA Students) have made a good choice and invested in obtaining knowledge that will be useful in the future. My advice to them is that every beginning h, not to be scared in the beginning but to be fascinated with the end.”

During an interview with a BCA representative, March 2016

Giannis Tsixlis, Director of Marketing Grek Hotel

“BCA’s brand name is one of the best amongst the colleges operating in Greece and its graduates are readily sought after by the hospitality companies.”

During a meeting with BCA’s Management, April 2016