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Business Management Sector

The Academic Advisory Board of the Business Sector serves as an advisory body for the coupling of educational programs and the labor market needs. In a constantly changing business environment, the ability to respond swiftly to the arising challenges is imperative at a pioneering institution of higher education such as the BCA.

The Academic Advisory Board of the Business sector consists of internationally renowned figures, renown for their position and their contribution to the Greek and international scientific industry, a fact that fills us with hope for their substantial contribution to the educational and research efforts of BCA. Their experience, knowledge and love for the College will contribute to the improvement of academic services, and further development.

The work and functioning of the Academic Advisory Board of the Business Sector is summarized as follows:

  1. Meaningful participation in the academic process and monitoring of developments in the international environment for the benefit of students in all programs.
  2. Adapting curriculum and enrichment in accordance with modern industry requirements for immediate and productive employment for all graduates.


Composition of the Academic Advisory Board- Business Sector


  • Makis N. Fokas, BCA College Management Consultant, Former General Director of Food Services for the Athens Olympic Games (ATHENS 2004 S.A), Former President of the Administration Committee, Hellenic Chamber of Hotels



  • Apostolos Doxiadis, Former President of the Greek Tourism Organization (G.T.O), Former President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (H.C.H).
  • Takis Theocharakis, Vice-president and CEO, Nissan S.A.
  • Filippos Antonopoulos, Founder and CEO, Vermantia S.A.
  • Henry Moazzo, CEO, AXA Insurance S.A.
  • Aris Kefalogiannis, Founder and CEO, GAEA Products S.A.
  • Andreas Drymiotis, Former President, SingularLogic Integrator S.A.
  • Konstantinos Stamatakis, Chief Marketing  and Customer Officer, Dixons South-East Europe
  • Constantine Moros, Director of EY Advisory Services, Greece, and Central, Eastern, Southeastern Europe & Central Asia Advisory Finance Analytics Leader
  • Peter Economides, Global Brand Strategist