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Graduation Ceremony 2012

In a climate of optimism, BCA’s  40th Graduation Ceremony took place on Monday, May 14th  2012, at the Music Megaron.
The keynote speaker was the internationally renowned Brand Strategist Mr. Peter Economides, who among other things mentioned that "with effort and perseverance it is possible to achieve your goals."
In tune with the spirit of optimism was the speech of Mr. Vassilios Daskalakis BCA’s President, who after apologizing to graduates for the difficulties and problems bequeathed to them from his own generation, stressed that education is the only secure investment in an uncertain future .
Μr Eugenides Leonidas President of the Eugenidion Foundation warmly congratulated Mr. Daskalakis, who also honored the College by awarding the diplomas to graduates. During his speech Mr Eugenides noted that such notions as love and pride should govern the job path one chooses.
The artistic team of Peter Kourtis supported the event with an imaginative performance, comprised of artists composing music solely by the use of their body and the sounds of a musical instrument called “cahon”, captivating the audience which was invited to take part in the show.
As the former BCA students now formally BCA graduates, proudly crossed the stage of the Music Megaron, they were accompanied by the warm applause of family and friends which filled the room.