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Shipping Sector

The BCA Board of Directors has recently established the Academic Maritime Sector Advisory Board. The principal responsibility of this new academic board is to provide academic advice regarding the adjustment of BCA’s academic programs to the needs of the shipping labor market. In a fast changing business environment, innovative institutions of higher education such as BCA are expected to maximize their responsiveness to current challenges.

The role and function of the Academic Maritime Sector Advisory Board are the following:

  1. To participate in academic conferences and keep abreast of the recent developments and trends in the international academic environment to raise academic standards for the benefit of shipping students.
  2. To modify and enrich the existing academic programs as dictated by the current demands of the shipping industry with a view to fostering the shipping students’ employability.


This academic board consists of prominent personalities, widely acknowledged for their significant contribution to the Greek as well as the intentional business scene. Their invaluable experience, knowledge and
commitment to our college will undoubtedly lead to the amelioration and further development of our academic services offered to our students.


Academic Board Membership:



  • Makis N. Fokas, BCA College Management Consultant, Former General Director of Food Services for the Athens Olympic Games (ATHENS 2004 S.A), Former President of the Administration Committee, Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.



  • John Platsidakis, Chairman, Intercargo, Managing Director, Anangel Maritime Services Inc.
  • Charalampos Simantonis, President of the Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association
  • Nicolas Vernicos, President of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • George Gabriel, Director of Golden Union Shipping Co S.A.
  • George Karageorgiou, President and CEO, Olympic Shipping and Management S.A.
  • Costis Frangoulis, President and CEO, Franman
  • Capt. George Tsouris, President Chios Marine Club and Operations Manager, Deputy DPA-CSO, Blue Planet Shipping Ltd.
  • Capt. Stylianos Dafermos, DPA/HSQE & Vetting Manager, Training Officer, Avin International
  • Capt. Vasilis Giannopoulos, Marketing and Sales Manager, Katradis Marine Ropes Industry S.A.
  • Capt. Dimitrios Aslanoglou, Training Manager, Eletson Corporation
  • Dr. Nikolaos Liapis, Supply and Operation Director, Elinoil S.A.
  • Danae Bezantakou, CEO, Navigator Shipping Consultants
  • Nicholas Rodopoulos, President and Managing Director, OnLine Data S.A., Chairman at Hellenic Logistics Association, Member of the National Council of Supply Chain
  • Tassos Vamvakidis, Commercial Manager, Piraeus Container Terminal S.A.
  • Kostis Achladitis, Managing Director, Golden Cargo S.A.
  • Panagiotis Christelis, Supervisor-Athens Department, VTG Rail Logistics Hellas
  • Capt. Emmanuel Tsikalakis, President Panhellenic Masters & Mates Union (PEPEN), Former General Manager, Minoan Lines
  • Capt. Themistoklis Daskalakis, Professor Cosmos Maritime Training Center, Former Academic Director, Merchant Marine Academy of Syros
  • Marios Bougioukas, Shipping, Transport and Logistics Department Business Development, BCA College