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Graduation Ceremony

Each graduation ceremony is a special moment in the life of every BCA student. It is the end of a hard four year effort full of pleasant memories, but it also signifies the beginning of each graduates professional career or postgraduate studies.
Providing high quality academic services is and always will be BCA’s primary objective. This objective is accomplished with the help of 95 qualified teachers, and the creation of a pleasant and simultaneously fulfilling atmosphere fitting for a students lifestyle.

BCA’s graduation ceremonies, which in recent years have been housed at the Music Megaron, combine spectacle with a well organized ceremony, and have been the focus of television news every year. Moreover, at each graduation ceremony, BCA awards prominent personalities of the Greek business and academic community who in turn award the excelling BCA graduates. Among the guests who have been honored by BCA during the course of its forty years of existence are: Mr. Andreas Andrianopoulos, the Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO, Ms. Marianna Vardinogianni, the founder and president of the Interamerican, Mr. Dimitris Kontominas, and the founder of Attica Group, Mr. Pericles Panagopoulos.