Student Portal

The aim of the Student Services Department is to bring students of different majors and campuses closer together through their participation in various athletic and cultural activities organized during the course of the semester.


The fact that BCA has basketball and soccer teams is probably predictable. These are the most popular sports and it is natural for many students to be interested. The fact that these teams have won the first places in Inter-College Championships is also predictable.

The students at BCA are serious in anything they do and always want to stand out!

It is a known fact that athletics builds the body and the mind. That is why sports activities at BCA do not stop, each year organizing tournaments in paintball, bowling, billiards and trips for sailing, rafting, even winter skiing.

BCA Special Nights

BCA takes care for the entertainment of its staff and students organizing with success throughout the years, nights of absolute fun and escape from everyday life.


Many great excursions have been organized throughout the history of BCA to beautiful places in Greece and abroad. The students of BCA have the opportunity to experience great moments of fun, while also getting to know new places and different cultures. Our goal is through these excursions for our students to develop friendships and a spirit of teamwork that will help them both in their personal as well as their future professional lives.  

Cultural Activities

    During the 1990’s BCA had its own music band under the supervision of Professor Mr. Diplaris, which indeed had managed to have its own musical programme at the known night club La Notte. This year, our goal is to become even better! The BCA Music Band, our musical band, will impress you with its mature sound and its amazing musicians who are naturally BCA students. Our goal for next year is to organize a concert for charitable purposes.



    BCA Drama Society was founded in fall, 2013. It consists of students from a variety of programs offered at BCA, such as Business, Marketing, Psychology and Shipping, with an interest in performing. It aims to familiarize them with the art of drama and to help them develop creativity, self-expression as well as their verbal and nonverbal skills.

    On June, 21 and 22, 2014, BCA Drama Society put on  two performances about young romance, based on W. Shakespeare’s most popular works, which were welcomed with great enthusiasm.