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Corporate Social Responsibility

BCA has always been an educational institution with intense sensitization to social issues, so expressing the essence of true education. During the 40 years of its operation, it has come into contact with various environmental and non-government organizations and has taken part in many charitable actions.

“Elpida”(Hope) Association of Friends of Children with Cancer

BCA has actively supported for more than 12 years the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer "Elpida"(Hope), with annual donations to this very successful organization. During the BCA graduation ceremony at the Music Megaron, BCA awarded the association and its chairwoman, Mrs Marianna Vardinoyannis, and offered five scholarships to children and employees of the Association.


Diexodos is a bullying prevention organization, engaged in raising awareness and eliminating all forms of bullying; school, family, work, and cyber. We provide programming and consulting for intervention at all levels based on our investigations. We are committed to societal enhancement and prosperity through communication and solidarity, and to contributing to the knowledge, theory, practice and dialogues of civilized behavior with the explicit hope and goal of ending violence.

Diexodos aims at protecting the mental health and dignity of those who are bullying victims by promoting appropriate action, maintaining their privacy and facilitating mutual understanding of all those involved in a crisis situation.

Diexodos understands the potential conflict of interests of persons involved in any given incident and treats both people and information with care and discretion, while ensuring that situational results are communicated to the appropriate national and international bodies. In so doing, Diexodos contributes to scientific research in the recognition, prevention and confrontation of the phenomenon of bullying.

Εqual Society –Non profit organization

BCA supported the career counseling program “Pixida” (compass), organized by the nonprofit organization Equal Society.
All these people who are seeking employment have to choose the right path to reach their goals. Thus, they need a type of “compass" which will show them to way to employment.
The Non Profit Organization Equal Society - Society for Equal Opportunities completed the career counseling program "COMPASS” within the premises of BCA College.
The Human Resource Managers, Executives of Staffing Companies & Career Consultants who were present at his event shared their knowledge and techniques thus pointing to the right paths for those seeking work.
A number of 10 “two hour open meetings” were organized  at BCA, which focused on orientating, directing and informing participants on all relative topics including the current trends governing the labor market, the way a job search should be conducted via the internet and how resumes should be written, the interview process and networking techniques.

BCA assists in the Athens Special Olympics 2011

BCA and Onirama honor Volunteerism

On Saturday, October, 16th many people gathered at The Mall, Athens in order to participate in the lottery organized by BCA- Business College of Athens with the help of the members of the band, ONIRAMA. Emphasizing the importance of volunteer work nowadays, BCA offered 2 scholarships for undergraduate and graduate courses to those who, from September 27 to October 15, completed the application form for volunteering in the Special Olympics World Summer Games of Athens 2011.
The draw was carried out by ONIRAMA, who also signed many autographs t-shirts and hats. After the event a party followed in which several celebrities was present.

In order to promote further the cause, BCA additionally placed kiosks in all three BCA campuses so that students could learn about the Special Olympics and the importance of volunteerism.

Tree planting in Penteli

BCA was also present at the tree planting event organized by SKAI!

In an effort to encourage the reforestation of Penteli, SKAI and the Association for the Protection and Restoration of Penteli Mountain (SPAP) planted 40,000 trees in an area of 2,000 acres. A total of 102 organizations took part in the event, amongst them a group of students from BCA’s Hospitality Department.

“Mom” Greek Non Governmental Organization

BCA made a fashion out of protecting the Mediterranean seal so reinforcing the actions of the organization Mom (Company for the study and protection of the Mediterranean seal Monachus), through its memorabilia. We also promoted in the best possible way the message of the Monachus monachus, learning about the sea environment and the Mediterranean seal, as well as the methods for their protection and preservation!

Recycle bins “AFIS”

Undoubtedly recycling plays an important part in the conservation of energy and the overall protection of the environment. In an attempt to help protect the environment and undertake corporate social responsibility special AFIS bins were placed in all three BCA campuses to facilitate the recycling of batteries. The aforementioned complement other efforts the college has undertaken so far, such as paper recycling and energy saving in the computer labs.

Champions For Charity

BCA supported the charity soccer game “Champions for Charity”, between the drivers of Formula 1 and stars of our country (Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Jarno Truli, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Robert Kubica, Giancarlo Fisichella, Sebastian Vettel, Max Biaggi) who offered high quality soccer and helped those in need. The revenue from the tickets of the game was given through the NPP Solidarity of the Church to the people who were victims of the forest fires in the Municipality of Zacharo.

Volunteer Blood Donation

BCA is an ally of volunteer Blood Donation. Blood can be offered by anyone at the centers and the Blood Donation Clinics of Hospitals. The Blood Donation Departments are in constant communication so as to exchange blood to deal with any needs. The volunteer blood donor is equipped with a special identification card that separates him and distinguishes him socially.


 For more than thirty years, Greenpeace has been giving a multifaceted battle to prevent and face the largest environmental problems of the planet.  
BCA contributed to the efforts of Greenpeace for information of the public and their prompting for active participation in the campaign with the subject “Energy Conservation”.