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Degree Recognition

Recognition of professional qualifications and equivalence of degrees obtained from foreign colleges in collaboration with foreign universities

Concerning the recognition of the professional equivalence of degrees earned after attending a Bachelor’s and/or a Master’s degree at colleges in Greece, which are in collaboration with European universities, which are EU Member States or with Universities from third countries according to Law 4635/2019, Articles 168-170, published in Government Gazette 167, Issue A on 30/10/19, issues of recognition of professional equivalence of such college degrees are regulated, and recognition of the professional qualifications of both Bachelor's (of duration at least 3 years) and Master's degrees is confirmed. Recognition covers both regulated professions (lawyers, engineers, nurses, psychologists) as well as freelancers. Thus, the degrees in the fields that BCA offers are fully recognized (Business Administration, Marketing, Shipping, Hotel etc.).

According to the law, holders of such degrees have the same professional qualifications as those graduated from Greek State Universities. The recognition of professional equivalence of a formal higher education qualification of a Member State of the European Union or of a third country with that awarded by domestic higher educational institutions by law, gives the holder the opportunity to gain access to and pursue a specific economic activity in Greece as employed or self-employed on the same terms and conditions that are effective for holders of comparable qualifications earned by state educational institutions. Very recently, by Law 4653/2020, Article 50, published in Government Gazette 12, Issue A on 24/01/20, those with professional equivalence recognition can also be recruited in academic positions where higher academic qualifications are required, in particular as professors, researchers and special scientific staff. In other words, graduates, once they have recognized the professional equivalence of their degree can be recruited, remunerated, promoted as Bachelor’s degree holders or Master’s degree holders in both private and public sectors. It is understood that when you apply for an A.S.E.P. (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection) competition, you need to check whether the foreign degree that you have been awarded requires recognition by D.O.A.T.A.P. (Hellenic Naric) or a professional equivalence certification. According to the law, the notice for job openings must mention that the foreign degree that you hold needs to have been recognized by D.O.A.T.A.P. or accompanied by a professional equivalence certification.

What our graduates cannot do is to apply for postgraduate studies to Greek State Universities, since the foreign degrees still need to be recognized by D.O.A.T.A.P. and our degrees are not entitled to such recognition.

Recognition is not automatic but is done through ATEEN (Autonomous Section of Implementation of European Legislation) at the Ministry of Education. For your convenience find information at:

ATEEN (Autonomous Section of Implementation of European Legislation) states that the applicants must submit certified photocopies of their diploma copy and the official transcript or diploma supplement, officially translated into Greek by the competent authority of the State of origin of the documents. In our case, the competent authority for this is either the Foreign Ministry's Translation Department or the British Council.

The Foreign Ministry's Translation Department validates and translates official documents, with a special stamp on the back of the translation wherever there is Apostille in the original document. To avoid the inconvenience and expenses of Apostille, opt for the original authentication and official translation by the British Council.

The syllabus, which includes a list of the taught modules, must be submitted in English unless ATEEN requests for a translation into Greek.

  • If you have recently graduated from Plymouth University, you already have in your possession your degree as well as the diploma supplement. With regard to the syllabus, request it from the College.
  • If you graduated from London Guildhall / London Metropolitan and you do not have the required documents such as the syllabus, you need to contact the University at

For more information about London Guildhall University, please contact

The British Council will certify and translate the copy of your degree, the transcript and the diploma supplement.

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For any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at 210-7253783 or via email