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Degree Recognition

All degrees issued by the partner UK University to the students having studied at BCA are:

  • Recognised as equals at an international level, and provide the students with the possibility to continue their studies at a higher level.
  • Provide the right to work at a local and international level according to the E.U. directive: 2005/36, 89/48 and 92/51

All students of BCA have the possibility of transferring to another university in the U.K. or abroad, by transferring the number of credits acquired at BCA.

After the enactment of Law 4093 | 2012 (Government Gazette 222, Issue A), its completion with the legislative act (Gazette 229, Issue A and Gazette 237, Issue A) and the recent amendment to Law 4111 | 2013 (Gazette 18 Issue A), European Union degrees, obtained after attending a bachelor’s or master’s course at a Greek college in collaboration with a EU University, are recognised in terms of the professional rights of the degree holder.

Also PD 38 | 2010 is also amended and so all university degrees issued by universities of EU countries are professionally equivalent to those awarded by Greek universities or TEIs. Thus the holders of these awards have the same employment rights as holders of Greek public university degrees.

The recognition is not automatic and will be made through the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) in the Ministry of Education. The Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) (GG 527/Tefchos Y.O.D.D.-18.11.2012) is responsible for processing requests for the recognition of professional qualifications.

Procedure for Recognition of Professional Equivalence of Higher Education Awards

The interested graduate must complete the application form for the recognition of professional equivalence (Application for the recognition of professional equivalence), gather the necessary documents (Documents for the recognition of professional equivalence) and submit the application and all necessary documents to the competent Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP), which is located in the Ministry of Education 37, Andrea Papandreou str. PC 151 80 Maroussi .  Tel: 210 3442485-3443163-3443168 / e-mail:

The recognition process takes up to (4) months.

Note 1: The university degree and transcript are submitted in photocopies which have been verified and translated by the British Council (17, Kolonaki Square PC 10673 Tel: 210 3692333), thereby replacing the requirement to bear the Hague stamp. For more information please see the links below the British Council.
Note 2: The syllabus can be submitted to SAEP either in English or in Greek version, and should be given to the graduate concerned by the Partner University or college.

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Contact details for the Document Translation and Verification:
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